“Jenny is a great resource!!! She knows her stuff and is always available to answer any questions you may have.”

Founder Smart African Venture

“The marketing tactics are working extremely well for me! I’ve been doing like 350 + products a week for the last 3-4 weeks, thanks for all your help and being a great teacher, paying off already!”

Founder e-Commerce Shop

“I was able to better manage one of my clients social media mix after a few consultation meetings with Jenny. If you’re a social media manager or content manager, this is definitely something you need.”

Alexander J. Coalition Entertainment

“Jenny Miranda helped me figure out a content strategy for my Instagram account. Within two weeks of applying Jenny’s strategies, I saw a growth in the number of followers and engagements.”

Farah-Lise R., P.C., Attorney at Law www.farahliselaw.com

“Jenny was really friendly, prepared and informative. She gave so much useful information that I am still trying to digest! It was fun meeting the great group that showed up too.”

Carol G. Fashion/Apparel

“Awesome workshop! Thanks to Jenny for being incredibly prepared for the meeting, for being a fantastic presenter, and most of all for sharing so much useful information. Really great to meet other attendees with similar goals / interests as well!”

Lucienne P.

“This talk is gold. Definitely left feeling much more equipped to compete in the social media game. Thank you Jenny!!”

Wes A. Photographer

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