“I was able to better manage one of my clients social media mix after a few consultation meetings with Jenny. If you’re a social media manager or content manager, this is definitely something you need.”

Alexander J. Coalition Entertainment

“Jenny Miranda helped me figure out a content strategy for my Instagram account. Within two weeks of applying Jenny’s strategies, I saw a growth in the number of followers and engagements.”

Farah-Lise R., P.C., Attorney at Law www.farahliselaw.com

“Jenny was really friendly, prepared and informative. She gave so much useful information that I am still trying to digest! It was fun meeting the great group that showed up too.”

Carol G. Fashion/Apparel

“Awesome workshop! Thanks to Jenny for being incredibly prepared for the meeting, for being a fantastic presenter, and most of all for sharing so much useful information. Really great to meet other attendees with similar goals / interests as well!”

Lucienne P.

“This talk is gold. Definitely left feeling much more equipped to compete in the social media game. Thank you Jenny!!”

Wes A. Photographer

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