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How to Collect Email Leads Using Facebook Lead Ads

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Collect emails and phone numbers using Facebook Lead Ads

What are Facebook Lead Ads?

By now, you’ve probably read my post on 52 ways to grow your email list. Have you tried any of the ideas yet? In that post, I mentioned Facebook Lead Ads as a tactic for growing your email list. So what the heck are Facebook Lead Ads anyway?

Facebook Lead Ads are similar to regular ads, however, instead of taking a user to your website, it takes them to Facebook’s “lead form” to collect signups.

The user then gives Facebook permission to provide you with their contact information.

Facebook Lead Ads can be very effective because they make the email signup or form-filling-out process much easier for the end user. Especially now that people are on their mobile devices more often, and are likely seeing your ad on Facebook from their mobile devices.

Who should use them?

There are a ton of use cases for who should use Facebook ads and why businesses should use them. It’s really all up to your creativity for the most part.


More common use cases of Facebook Lead Ads are retailers using them to entice leads with a discount coupon offer. The person will provide their email address in order to receive an email with their discount code.


Travel agencies and insurance companies, for instance, may want to use Facebook Lead Ads in order to capture phone numbers so that they can call their prospects.


A great use case, that is probably used less often, is creating a Facebook Lead Ad that retargets someone who’s been on your site in the last few days. Since this person is a recent visitor, you’re more likely to be memorable and top of mind. Retargeting this person a personalized ad that offers them a unique discount code if they come back and purchase.


SaaS or Software-as-a-Service companies could offer free demos or 14-day free trials to entice their customers to give up their email addresses. A SaaS company can ask for an email address or phone number, and even Company and Job Title in order to pre-qualify a user and segment them accordingly.

How does Facebook collect the data?

Once a user sees your Facebook Lead ad, Facebook will request for permission to send their contact information. Facebook has most of this data already, so most times a user’s information will have already been filled out by Facebook. Once the user submits the form, Facebook will then capture that data and store into a list that you can either export or send over to your email list.

Overall, the setup is not too complex, and what’s most important are getting the right offer prepared, creating the right creative, and defining the right audience.

If you need more help creating Facebook Lead Ads, check out this Facebook Lead Ads Step by Step

Also check out the video on how to get email subscribers using Facebook Ads, and let me know if you’ve gotten to try them or not. What are your tips for others when creating Facebook Lead Ads?

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