Squarespace and Drip form integration

Drip + Squarespace: Adding Subscribers from Squarespace forms to Drip

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Squarespace and Drip form integration how-to guide

    squarespace + drip marketing


Anyone that has a website on Squarespace and that also uses Drip as their email marketing tool has probably realized a huge problem. Squarespace and Drip’s form integration option is non-existent. Meaning the two tools cannot send data to each other. This is a huge problem for a marketer that’s collecting emails signups through Squarespace forms.

If you recently migrated to Drip from MailChimp, then you’re probably perplexed how to solve this. In order to set up an efficient data transfer flow, you need to integrate the tools.

There is no direct integration between the two tools (at the time of this post). Squarespace only has options to send your email signups or form collections as a notification via email, or you can send to a Google Sheet, or there’s a direct MailChimp integration. That’s about it.

This means if you’re using any other email tool, such as Drip, you have to integrate the two tools using a tool such as Zapier. The good news is that it’s pretty easy to set up. In this mini-tutorial, I show you how to setup your Squarespace and Drip form integration.  The setup only takes 15 minutes. You will be able to send the leads or emails you capture via Squarespace’s form function will be sent to Drip.

Squarespace and Drip form integration

Step by step: Setting up Squarespace and Drip form integration

Step 1

Log into your Squarespace account

squarespace login

 Step 2

Go to the page that you’d like to create a form or where you already have a form collecting email leads. If you don’t have a form created, you will have to create one by going to the widget and then selecting “forms”.

squarespace forms


Step 3

In the form settings, click on “Storage” to tell Squarespace where you’d like them to store these emails/leads. You will select Google Drive. Name your Google Drive sheet with the name of your form. All form entries will be sent to Google drive.

squarespace forms

Now that your Google Drive is collecting entries, you will have to send those entries to Drip. You will do this through the Zapier tool.

Step 4

Next, you will have to connect your Google Sheets to Drip, and you will do that by using Zapier. If you don’t have a Zapier account, you can sign up for free, and you’ll get to have 5 zaps at a time on the free level. Watch the video shown in this blog post to go through the steps on setting up the triggers for your zap.

Squarespace forms

Step 5

Now you’re all set! Run a test to ensure that it’s all setup and working properly!


Give it a try and see the magic happen!


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